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Southern Innovator Scale-Up Begins: Get on Board! | 4 June 2015


Southern Innovator achieved a great deal during its first phase. The magazine’s concept was beta tested as five issues were developed and rolled out across the global South. Feedback and comments came in from around the world and the magazine was refined based on user responses and experience.

During this time, a plan was developed to scale-up Southern Innovator over the next five years. We would like to do this in two phases. Contact us to learn more about the plan, what resources we require and how to get involved. What is on offer is truly remarkable: an ability to connect with the best and brightest of the global South at the very moment they are shaping the new world of the 21st century. Many have failed to grasp this opportunity and thus have been heavily damaged during the economic crisis; principally because they have failed to understand profound global changes and to see how they can use them to improve what they are doing (though, if they had been reading Southern Innovator, they would have been very clued up!).

Southern Innovator is a product of the United Nations Office for South-South Cooperation (UNOSSC), so it is able to directly plug into the UN’s network of global resources helping countries and people. This is a substantial resource and not to be overlooked. Getting involved gets you plugged in and switched on!

Southern Innovator Summary of Impact 2015


Southern Innovator: The Next Phase | 2 August 2013



So much has been accomplished in the first phase of developing Southern Innovator magazine. It has reached out around the world to uncover a thriving global innovation culture comprising many pioneers and innovators. Three issues were printed and distributed across the globe from 2011 to 2012: a total of 15,000 print copies. A fourth issue is ready on the theme of cities and urbanization and awaits funding to clear so it can be printed.

The magazine uses an eye-pleasing design and layout developed in its design studio in Iceland. Experts in public design and cross-cultural communications work on each issue. A further two issues will be completed in 2013 and they will cover the themes of waste and recycling (Issue 5) and science, technology and innovation (Issue 6).

The magazine is currently seeking partners to help with the costs of printing and distributing the magazine. There are also opportunities for the right partner to support the magazine’s brand with tools that can help our readers. Stay tuned for more news on the magazine’s development!

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