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Human Development Report Mongolia | 1997

Human Development Report Mongolia 1997This groundbreaking Mongolian Human Development Report – the country’s first – went beyond just chronicling Mongolia’s state of development in statistics and graphs. It placed the story of the Mongolian people during the transition years (post-1989) at its heart, using photographs, stories and case studies to detail the bigger narrative at play.

Designed, laid out and published in Mongolia, the report broke with the practices of many other international organisations, who would publish outside of Mongolia – denying local companies much-needed work. The report’s costs helped to kick-start a publishing boom in the country and significantly raised standards in design and layout. The foundations laid down by the project producing the report ushered in a new age in publishing for Mongolia.

The report’s launch was innovative, not only being distributed for free across the country, but also part of a multimedia campaign including television programming, public posters, town hall meetings and a ‘roadshow’ featuring the report’s researchers and writers.

The initial print run of 10,000 copies was doubled as demand for the report increased. To the surprise of many, once hearing about the free report, herders would travel to the capital, Ulaanbaatar, to pick up their copy. The report proved people cared passionately about the development of their country and that development concepts are not to be the secret domain of ‘development practitioners’.

You can read the report's pdf here:

The MHDR 1997 was so popular it had two print runs. It has been cited in many books, journals and publications. It was the first exhaustive account of the country's turbulent transition years and mapped the extent of poverty in the country.

The award-winning UN/UNDP Mongolia Development Portal was launched in 1997. It quickly became the go-to source on Mongolia's development challenges.

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Watch Magazine Project | 1994

Watch Magazine 1994: Oasis Cover Feature.






A sample of covers from Watch Magazine in 1994.

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada 1994 and 1996

Editor-in-Chief: David South

View Case Study 2: Watch Magazine | 1994 Images here:

In 1994 a huge schism had grown in Canada between youth and the wider media. Simultaneously, Canada was in the middle of an austerity crisis, with jobs for young people scarce and budgets being cut everywhere. Young people were not represented in the media and their views were ignored. That is, until Watch Magazine exploded onto the streets of Toronto and into the halls of the city’s high schools.

I was hired by Youth Culture to be the Editor-in-Chief for this unique business: a magazine staffed by high school students but covering the wider worlds of pop music, culture, fashion, politics and the arts.

Among the magazine's many firsts, it pioneered new technologies for design and layout, drew attention to the burgeoning Internet world, opened up the youth market, aiding many new businesses, and introduced a savvy pop-culture perspective to a stale media scene grown too comfortable and too old.

View a collection of the magazine covers and story layouts here:


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