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Development Challenges, South-South Solutions | 2007 - 2012

“Congratulations on another great newsletter that’s packed with fascinating information! I really enjoy getting it each month.” Whitney Harrelson, Making Cents, Washington D.C.

During the period 2007 to 2010, stories from Development Challenges, South-South Solutions were also published and shared on the "crowd-powered" news website NowPublic ( Closed in December 2013, the stories published on NowPublic were able to reach a large, global audience, receiving 201,109 views as of 27 June 2010, and reaching 420,151 views by 31 July 2013.  The stories were cited in many other media resources and also in books. This includes Export Now: Five Keys to Entering New Markets by Frank Lavin and Peter Cohan (2011) and The Canadian. The stories were also shared by people on various social media platforms. Examples include Pinterest, Gigablast, and Global Citizen. An example of a posted story on NowPubic is Rammed-Earth Houses: China Respects Traditions, Improves Designs, published online on 4 January 2009. A partial archive of the stories is held here:

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