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Mongolian AIDS Bulletin, UNDP Mongolia | 1997 


Publisher: David South, UNDP Mongolia Communications Office

Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Altanchimeg

Managing Editor: David South

Assembled by a team of health experts after the Fourth International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific in 1997, the Mongolian AIDS Bulletin was published that year in the middle of an HIV/AIDS crisis. It provided timely information and health resources in the Mongolian language and was distributed across the country. It was inspired by two sources: a meeting at the Fourth International Congress in Manila, Philippines with then-Executive Director of UNAIDS, Dr. Peter Piot, and the experience and impact of Australia's National AIDS Bulletin. 

“Mongolia’s first AIDS Bulletin marked the beginning of the UNDP Response to HIV/AIDS/STDs Project back in the autumn of 1997. Over 5,000 copies of the magazine were distributed across the country, offering accurate information on the HIV/AIDS situation. The project has been pivotal in the formulation of a national information, education and communication (IEC) strategy, bringing together NGOs, donors, UN agencies and the government.”

Source: YouandAids: The HIV/AIDS Portal for Asia Pacific 

Read the original English translation from the UN Mongolia website here: 

Read more here:

An awareness campaign preceded the publishing of the Bulletin. Here are two stories from the awareness campaign: 

1) Lamas against AIDS:

2) Philippine conference tackles Asia's AIDS crisis:

The Mongolian AIDS Bulletin was published in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia in 1997. 

Update: Here is an update on the number of HIV infections in Mongolia as of July 2018 from Xinhua: HIV infections rises to 262 in Mongolia

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