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UNDP in Mongolia: The Guide | 1997 - 1999

Publisher: UNDP Mongolia Communications Office

UNDP Mongolia Communications Coordinator: David South

Editor: David South

Researcher and Writer: Jill Lawless

The Guide, first published in 1997, provided a rolling update on UNDP's programmes and projects in Mongolia during a turbulent time (1997-1999). The mission simultaneously had to deal with the 1997 Asian Crisis ( and the worst peacetime economic collapse in post-WWII history. 

Each edition came with short project and context summaries, key staff contacts, and facts and figures on how the country was changing. For the first time, any member of the public could grasp what the UN was up to in the country and be able to contact the project staff. It also provided transparency on how international money was being spent in the country, which Government agencies were receiving these funds, and who was responsible and accountable. 

UNDP in Mongolia: The Guide was published as required from 1997 to 1999.

The Guide: Society and Culture showed how young Mongolia's population is. 

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