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Watch Magazine Project | 1994

Watch Magazine 1994: Oasis Cover Feature.






A sample of covers from Watch Magazine in 1994.

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada 1994 and 1996

Editor-in-Chief: David South

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In 1994 a huge schism had grown in Canada between youth and the wider media. Simultaneously, Canada was in the middle of an austerity crisis, with jobs for young people scarce and budgets being cut everywhere. Young people were not represented in the media and their views were ignored. That is, until Watch Magazine exploded onto the streets of Toronto and into the halls of the city’s high schools.

I was hired by Youth Culture to be the Editor-in-Chief for this unique business: a magazine staffed by high school students but covering the wider worlds of pop music, culture, fashion, politics and the arts.

Among the magazine's many firsts, it pioneered new technologies for design and layout, drew attention to the burgeoning Internet world, opened up the youth market, aiding many new businesses, and introduced a savvy pop-culture perspective to a stale media scene grown too comfortable and too old.

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