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David South International Client Map | 2017

David South International (DSI) has offered consultancy services since 1991. This has included award-winning work in Asia and the United Kingdom, contributing to the UN winning the Nobel Peace Prize in 2001 and the UK's NHS winning the Childnet Award in 2003. Since 2006, DSI has been working with the UN on raising the profile of innovators in the global South, in particular Africa, and increasing awareness of innovation to address poverty and the global innovation agenda. The fruits of this work are considerable. From rescuing Mongolia from the "biggest peacetime economic collapse" in the late 1990s, to the design and mobile and information technology revolutions in international development from 2000 onwards.

About Senior Partner David South

An adventurer at heart, David South has travelled around the world for various clients since the early 1990s. Senior Partner David South in Cannes, France in 2015. Photo: Jill Lawless

Read about Senior Partner David South's participation in the Workshop on Innovations in Service Delivery: The Scope for South-South and Triangular Cooperation held in Dhaka, Bangladesh in December 2017 here:

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Southern Innovator Impact Summaries | 2012 - 2014

By 2014, Southern Innovator had published five issues and become a recognised global innovation brand.
By 2012, Southern Innovator had completed its global reader impact study.
While Southern Innovator's digital presence has been key to its success and global reach, the hard copy of the magazine was designed with special features. The magazine needed to be robust and able to stand a fair bit of abuse and hard wear. It needed to be easy to read in low light conditions. And it needed to look sharp and eye-catching to reach as wide an audience as possible.

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About Senior Partner David South


David South is the founder and senior partner for David South International and David South Consulting. He has worked around the world for the United Nations and has led a number of groundbreaking projects for major institutions. Clients have included the United Nations Office for South-South Cooperation (UNOSSC), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children (GOSH)/Institute of Child Health (ICH)/National Health Service (NHS), Harvard Institute for International Development, UNICEF, World Bank, USAID, and the Hannah Institute for the History of Medicine, among others. 

He has worked for, or side-by-side, with many high-level senior professionals and executives.  These experienced professionals had roles under close public scrutiny and needed to show the impact of their work to a tight deadline.  

He has been the editor for the United Nations magazine Southern Innovator since 2010. He also researched and wrote the influential United Nations e-newsletter Development Challenges, South-South Solutions (2007-2014). He has over two decades’ experience in media and journalism (developing strong relationships with many top journalists and media professionals), health and human development and the role innovation plays in transforming major organisations while getting the most from people tackling complex problems in challenging environments.


I am an international development consultant with over 20 years’ experience. I specialise in media, health communications, development strategies, project management and publishing. I have led high-profile projects in Asia, Canada and the UK. This work has included a number of groundbreaking, award-winning new media projects.

United Nations Global Marketplace ( Vendor.

Read the David South Consulting Summary of Impact here:

Read the Southern Innovator Summary of Impact here:


I have managed and delivered projects to tight deadlines, with extensive public scrutiny and under difficult country conditions. I keep a cool head and am a seasoned trouble-shooter.


University of Toronto: BA Honours in Political Science and History


BBC: Managing Complex New Media Projects

International Health Exchange: Humanitarian Aid: Policies and Practice


English, Mongolian


High-quality, award-winning offline and online publishing has been key to larger successes. Examples can be found on this website along with cited work in books, journals, papers and online here:

Archived work can be found on various platforms here: Scribd:;

My books, magazines, newsletters, papers and research materials are archived at

Journalism by theme and timeline can be found here: 

My journalism portfolio on Muck Rack:


I have launched and overseen a number of high-profile, high-impact, and award-winning online projects. My roles have been as strategist, project manager and/or content provider: 

GOSH/ICH Child Health Portal

Southern Innovator Online Archive

UNDP Mongolia Development Web Portal

UN Ukraine Development Web Portal

Graphic Design

High-quality graphic design and illustration has played a key role in project success. Some examples are below: 

Client: Case Study 7: UNOSSC + UNDP | 2007 - 2016 Images

Client: Case Study 5: GOSH/ICH Child Health Portal | 2001 - 2003 Images

Social Media

An early adopter of social media, DSC/DSI has been able to reach across borders and cultures to spread the message on innovation. One Twitter account, @SouthSouth1, was called “one of the best sources out there for news and info on #solutions to #SouthSouth challenges (Adam Rogers, Assistant Director, Regional Representative, Europe, United Nations Office for South-South Cooperation - UNOSSC)”.

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Thank You!

The achievements detailed on this web portfolio are down to fruitful collaboration and wise mentoring. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the ever-growing list of people who have helped me in one way or another over the years.

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Interviews for the GOSH Child Health Portal | 2001-2003

 An interview in the hospital newsletter Roundabout.

Roundabout, November 2001 Issue No. 18

Joint Website Launched

A two-year project to turn our joint institution’s website ( into a respected child health portal got underway with the launch of the first phase of development in September. The second phase of content development will get the site ship shape for a UK-wide publicity campaign as the hospital’s 150th birthday celebrations begin in January.

The site’s web editor, David South, has been working on the project since arriving here in June, having worked on award-winning websites for the United Nations.

“The first phase saw collaboration from staff across both institutions,” he says. “An impressive amount was done, and we have now laid the foundations for future improvements to the content on the site. I really want to offer more for children. Over three million children in the UK now surf the internet.”

The opportunity for both institutions is enormous. As the internet has evolved, it has become increasingly clear that the future of its development lies in the public sphere. US government sites now outstrip commercial operations, selling far more books than the largest online bookseller, Here in the UK, the site is working to offer one-stop access to all government services, including health care.

Unlike commercial operations, the hospital and the Institute are an unbiased resource for the public to turn to. Currently, the joint site has more than 180 factsheets for families covering tests and procedures, illnesses and diseases and operations. It also has the complete archive of Dr. Jane Collins’ Times column, with its jargon-free look at child health issues.

“This being London, we have the unique advantage of being at the centre of so many developments, and having the opportunity to communicate this through our website,” says David South.

Across the NHS the Modernisation Plan involves the largest data collection exercise in its history. More and more resources will be offered online, and the content produced by individual trusts like ours will be linked with national sites like NHS Direct.

New GOSH/ICH website

With over three million children in the UK now using the internet, and a total of 33 million UK citizens accessing it through work, school or the home, no organisation can afford not to make the most of this valuable communications tool. Estimates vary, but some put the number of health-related websites at more than 100,000. Trust is an even more important issue, as users search for accurate information. It is in this context that the new hospital and ICH website,, launched in September. Web editor David South puts us in the picture.

The new site reflects the hard work and collaboration of staff across both institutions, and it is hoped it will quickly make its mark as a trusted resource on complex child health issues. The site also becomes one of the most visible signs of our on-going modernisation programme, and can uniquely tie together the breadth of our work in a way that no other medium can. The site development project spans two years and will fit in with the wider move across the NHS to offer a wide range of services online.

The next phase of the site’s development is aimed at getting the site ready for a larger publicity campaign slated to coincide with the hospital’s 150th birthday celebrations with start in January. In preparation for this public launch, a number of improvements will be made to the site’s content, interactivity, platform and design. To put it simply, the site should become a critical first stop for anybody seeking our services, or wanting to learn more about the latest research and care developments in the field of complex child issues.

The joint site will also be available via Gosweb for staff in the hospital who don’t already have internet access.

As the project evolved, regular updates were communicated to colleagues and the public through the media.

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